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'Mixed by Michael Johnson'

Michael Johnson has mixed many hit records in his time as house engineer at Pink Floyd's Britannia Row Studio and as Factory Records' favoured engineer and producer, and now at Tankfield recording studio. His credits include Blue Monday, four albums and a dozen other singles for New Order, as well as hits by Soft Cell, Erasure, Paris Angels and many others.

Now you too can have your music mixed by one of the industry's top engineers. Send your files to Tankfield and Michael Johnson will deliver the best mix your music deserves.

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How it works

What you need to do

First of all you need to make sure your song is finished and ready to be mixed. All parts must be recorded and the arrangement finalised. You must be happy with the tuning and timing of all parts in the song. We do not accept DAW project or session files - only individual files for each track.

  • All virtual instrument (VST) tracks must be printed to audio
  • All tracks must be consolidated and start from the same point in the song (i.e. bar 1, beat 1)
  • If an instrument plays in several parts of the song then consolidate it to one file
  • Files can be mono or stereo
  • Files must be either WAV, AIFF or CAF
  • Files must be 24 bit (preferred) or 16 bit
  • Files must be 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz or 96 kHz
  • Files must be clearly named
  • Files should be printed dry without reverb or other effects
  • If you already have an effect you particularly want to use on a track then send us a file with the effect and another without it
  • Aim to leave at least 6 dB of headroom in the files
  • Include a rough mix
  • Include mixes of other songs for reference, if you think they will help
  • Include a text file with any written instructions you feel will help us to deliver the sound you want

Fill in the Booking Form and we will send you an invoice and a link to a private Dropbox folder. Once you have transferred the files and paid using your credit card, Paypal or a bank transfer, we can start work on your mix.

What you get from us

  • Confirmation of your booking and an invoice
  • Link to a private Dropbox folder where you can upload your files
  • A ten-day turnaround
  • A 256 kbps MP3 preview of your mixed song (mastered at a level comparable to commercial releases)
  • 1 revision of the mix

You can decide if you want to revise the mix. If you do, then send us details of the changes you require and we will then send you the following files at the original project bit depth and sample rate:

  • Unmastered mix
  • Mastered mix


We can also supply the following versions at extra cost

  • Further revisions
  • Backing track, TV mix & Acapella
  • Stems

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Stereo mix with 1 revision £240 per song
Further revisions £50 each
Backing track, TV mix & acapella £50 per song
Stems £50 per song

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Complete the Booking Form

We will send you a link to a private Dropbox folder, where you can upload your files, plus an invoice and payment details.
We accept cash, credit cards and PayPal.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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What is a Backing track?
What is a TV mix?
What are stems?
Can I attend the mix?

What is a Backing track?
This is a version of the mix with no vocals. It is otherwise identical to the Master mix.

What is a TV mix?
This is a mix without the lead vocal, but including any double-tracked vocals, all the backing vocals and the instruments.

What are stems?
Stems are sub-mixes that can be recombined to recreate the Master mix. There will be a stem for each group of instruments, such as Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keys, Vocals, Effects etc. Having the stems allows a Mastering Engineer to subtly alter the mix without needing to remix from scratch.

Can I attend the mix?
Yes, but you will be charged our hourly rate (£40/hr).

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